Saturday, 11 May 2019

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By RAHUL V. ALTEKAR, Director – Strategic Services JDA India and a Visiting Faculty at NITIE, Welingkars. He can be reached at

In response to the increasing significance attached to supply chain management in both academic and professional areas, this text intends to build a bridge and highlight the relationship between various disciplines of SCM like demand planning, manufacturing planning, logistics planning, analytical IT management, global e-biz modeling, performance benchmarking etc.

Primarily intended to address the typical and general syllabus requirements of postgraduate management programmes, and undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programmes, this book also caters to the needs of the industry professionals in the supply chain domain.

 supply chain mangement altekar

Key Features:
• Comprehensive treatment of SCM concepts.
• In-depth coverage of topics like CODP, CPFR, JIT-II, VMI, TPL, FPL, SCEM, SCOR etc.
• Reinforcement of concepts through Indian case studies
• Focus on SCM implementation and practical issues
• Profusely used flow diagrams and figures.

1. Introduction.
2. Demand Management in Supply Chain.
3. Operations Management in Supply Chain.
4. Procurement Management in Supply Chain.
5. Logistics Management
6. Information Technology for Supply Chain Management.
7. Performance Measurement and Controls in Supply Chain Management. Glossary of Metrics.

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