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Let’s Know What’s There In the Book

By Prof. V. Rajaraman, Honorary Professor, Supercomputer Education & Research Centre, IISc. Bangalore, is the author of more than 14 books on our list.

This book is a concise and lucid introduction to computer oriented numerical methods with well-chosen graphical illustrations that give an insight into the mechanism of various methods. The book develops computational algorithms for solving non-linear algebraic equation, sets of linear equations, curve-fitting, integration, differentiation, and solving ordinary differential equations.

• Elementary presentation of numerical methods using computers for solving a variety of problems for students who have only basic level knowledge of mathematics.
• Geometrical illustrations used to explain how numerical algorithms are evolved.
• Emphasis on implementation of numerical algorithm on computers.
• Detailed discussion of IEEE standard for representing floating point numbers.
• Algorithms derived and presented using a simple English based structured language.
• Truncation and rounding errors in numerical calculations explained.
• Each chapter starts with learning goals and all methods illustrated with numerical examples.
• Appendix gives pointers to open source libraries for numerical computation.
 CONM Computer oriented numerical methods

Preface to the Fourth Edition
1. Computational Algorithms
2. Computer Arithmetic
3. Solving Non-linear Equations
4. Solving Simultaneous Algebraic Equations
5. Interpolation
6. Least Squares Approximation of Functions
7. Approximation of Functions
8. Differentiation and Integration
9. Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
Appendix — Free Software for Numerical Algorithms
Solutions to Selected Exercises

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