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Monday, 22 May 2017

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition Cormen, et al.

Mad Scientist on Apr 24, 2014 on Flipkart

"This book is literally the Bible of algorithms. Anyone wishing to call themselves a computer programmer needs to have at least a basic amount of knowledge about the creation, evaluation and implementation of algorithms, and this book more than provides that. It is used in universities all around the world. Although most of its matter may be outside the syllabus of Indian colleges, it is extremely useful while dealing with hard Computer Science subjects like Analysis & Design of Algorithms, Data Structures & Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, System Programming & Compiler Construction etc."

 Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition

Friday, 12 May 2017

The Microsoft Step by Step Series   

For beginning to intermediate users, Step by Step is the most effective way for readers to master a core set of skills quickly, using the step-by-step lessons

Learn Core features and tasks - one step at a time
•Readers can take just the lessons they need and build exactly the skills they want
•Readers can quickly find topics of interest with topic checklists, details table of contents, and indexes, Expert tips, and sidebars from the author clarify important points
•Erratta and Support
•Downloadable Practice Files

 Microsoft Press Step By Step Series

People Management Skills Every Manager Needs To Succeed

Success as a manager will primarily depend on Soft Skills. What is this talent that means more than experience and technical prowess ...